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The towering strength of the Royal Liver Building is seen to the best advantage on approaching the Prince`s Landing stage by water. To the voyages visiting this country for the first time, it must create a lasting impression on their minds, because it is one of the few commercial buildings in the world that contains two flaning towers. They fill the sky of Merseyside and are truly emblematic of this great support Om a night in July 1850, nine woring men met at the Liver inn, St. Annes Street, Liverpool, to founf a burial club. They knew but too well how grievous sometimes ruinous, were the finacial burdens sickness and death brought frequently to families like their own, of small resources and so the Liverpool Lyver Burial Society was born later changing its name to Royal Liver Friendly Society. At its Annual meeting in 1907, in Dublin, Royal Liver decided to build the home it now occupies in Liverpool. It took 3 years to complete. Here are some of the details:- Length 301 feet Width 177 feet Height 167 feet ( Main roof to ground) Height 322 feet ( Liver birds to ground) Height of Birds 18 feet Number of floor 17 Clock details:- Height above ground level 220 feet Diameter of dials 25 feet Length of hour marks 3 feet Spaces between minutes 14 inches and clock was accurate to half a minute per year led
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